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JPEG Format: How to Use:

On Saving the Image: Right-Click on the Image and choose "Save Image As" then select a folder in which to save the Coloring Sheet. Remember this folder. You have to visit this folder to find the file that you saved.

Tips on Printing the Image:

The common printers you can use are an Inkjet Printer or a Laser Printer:

1. Inkjet Printer: Remember that inkjet printers use wet inks. Consequently, the printouts tend to smudge when they get wet. This means that you ought to avoid using watercolors to work on the printouts. You should also refrain from touching the printouts with wet hands and fingers.

2. Laser Printer: Laser Printers use toner powder which are heat-melded onto the paper. Laser printouts are waterproof (they don't smudge) but can scratch-off or flake-off.

Note: Whether you use Inkjet or Laser Printouts, take care to supervise your younger child when at play. To be sure, you would want to prevent them from ingesting any ink smudges, toner-flakes, or crayons.

free printable charades cards yellow

Free Printable Charades Cards Blank (Yellow)

Adobe PDF Format:
(Note that you need Adobe Reader -- a free software download -- to use PDF documents)
Animated GIF Free Adobe PDF LogoFree Printable Charades Cards Blank (Yellow) PDF (A4)

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