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How to Play

Score Card and Rules of Yahtzee Dice Game

Yahtzee is a branded dice game currently marketed by Hasbro that uses 5 dice and special Yahtzee Score Cards.

The game shares similar roots with traditional dice games such as Yacht, Generala, Poker Dice, and Balut.

Players take turns rolling dice and marking down the results of dice rolls.

Let's Play Yahtzee Dice Game! Classic Dice Game
Roll the dice,
record your rolls,
count your score and
win the game!


The goal is to arrive at the highest-scored Yahtzee card!

The Yahtzee Game Package:

* 5 pieces playing dice
* plastic cup for dice rolls
* plastic "Bonus" chips
* Yahtzee score cards


How to Set Up a Game of Yahtzee:

Each player is given 1 Yahtzee score card and a pen to record the outcome of his dice rolls.

A play order is decided (clockwise or counter-clockwise order) for the players.

Yahtzee Score Cards
Yahtzee Score Cards

About the Yahtzee Score Cards:

Yahtzee score cards are composed of 13 categories separated in 2 groups: an upper section and a lower section. The distinction has to do with how the dice-rolls are scored:
* the upper section is scored by simply adding up the total number of pips (or spots) that appear on the dice
* the lower section earns a set amount of points depending on whether the categories are fulfilled (e.g., 3-of-a-kind, 4-of-a-kind, Full-House, etc.)


How to Play a Game of Yahtzee:

When the player assumes his turn, he rolls 5 dice.

Twice, he is allowed to re-roll some or all of the dice.

He does this in order to arrive at a worthy combination which he is required to record on his Yahtzee card.

How to Score The Lower Section
of a Yahtzee Score Card:

Roll Score
3-of-a-Kind Add the total of all 5 Dice
4-of-a-Kind Add the total of all 5 Dice
Full House 25 Points
Small Straight 30 Points
Large Straight 40 Points
Yahtzee 50 Points
Chance Add the total of all 5 Dice

How to Play a Game of Yahtzee: (continued)

Note that the player is not allowed to pass. If he rolls a bad combination -- one that scores low or zero points in his vacant categories -- he simply has to suck it up and move on.

Bonus Points are awarded for the following conditions:

Scoring at least 63 points in the Upper Section: This earns the player some bonus points. 35 bonus points are standard, although more can be awarded depending on the rules that are agreed upon at the start of the game.

Bonus Yahtzee's are Rolled: A Yahtzee is a roll of a 5-of-a-Kind. The first Yahtzee that a player rolls is worth 50 points. Succeeding Yahtzee's typically earn a bonus of 100 points, but certain conditions have to be met for the roll to be counted as a "Bonus Yahtzee".

Conditions for Rolling a Bonus Yahtzee:

Because they are worth a lot of points, rolling even 1 Bonus Yahtzee can win you the game. This is true even if your opponent has better rolls when you look at the categories independently.

Here are the conditions that must be met so that your 5-of-a-Kind roll counts as a Bonus Yahtzee:

* You must have already rolled and recorded a Yahtzee in a previous turn

* The corresponding category in the upper section is already filled-up. Example: If you roll 5 "Fours", the category for "Fours" in the upper section must already be filled up. If "Fours" is vacant, then your roll does not count as a Bonus Yahtzee (worth 100 points), but rather, it figures into the "Fours" category and earns you only 20 points (5 x 4 = 20points).

Bonus Yahtzee's are also Wild Cards:

When a player rolls a Bonus Yahtzee, he also effectively rolls a "Wild Card".

What this means is that he gets to score in one category in the lower section.

In the process, he earns the corresponding number of points for the category of his choice. An example: 40 points for a large straight (1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6).

Additionally, he receives 100 bonus points for rolling a Bonus Yahtzee.

To keep track of these bonus points, the player is given 1 chip for each Bonus Yahtzee he rolls. The chips are worth 100 points each.


Free Animated GIFFree Printable Yahtzee Score Card:

Play Yahtzee Dice Game with our free printable Yahtzee-Style Score Cards. Game On!

Yahtzee as an Adult Party Game:

Now that you know how to play a standard game of Yahtzee, do visit our page dedicated to Yahtzee Dice Game as an Adult Party Game: Drunken Yahtzee with optional Strip rules included.

Learn how to Play Drunken Yahtzee when you visit this page.

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