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Bridal Shower!!

During bridal showers, most talk is sure to revolve around the wedding arrangements -- the gown, the venue, the honeymoon, what kind of flowers, etc. Some of your guests are likely to tire of the topic after some time, maybe because weddings/getting married is still farthest from their minds, or because they have no personal experiences to share.

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Bridal Shower Games!!

*Bingo-Ask the Bride*
(a guessing game)


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Bridal Shower game.
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For this reason, it is a good idea to inject variety into the proceedings with some brilliantly-selected Bridal Shower Games -- you must select the games that best suit your group of friends, to fully engage their participation and set everyone to laughing and sharing juicy tidbits of their own.Once everyone has joined the fun, it's anybody's guess how the night might end!

Check out our fine selection of Bridal Shower Games. We do our best to provide detailed tips and pointers on how to make the games fun, entertaining, and intriguing!

Bride-to-Be Sash
"Bride-to-Be" Bachelorette Party Sash!

Bingo-Ask the Bride (Bridal Shower Game)
A guessing game done in Bingo style..

This fun game combines elements of bingo and twenty questions.

About the Game:

Each player is given a ‘bingo card’ which contains questions rather than numbers. Players are supposed to ‘cross-out’ each question by guessing at the correct answers. Expectedly, some players will have a deserved advantage if they already know the correct answers. In any case, players take turns to approach the bride and privately ask her the answer to one question. Remember, this should be done in private conference so that the answer is revealed only to the player. Anytime a player thinks she has all the correct answers, she can submit her Bingo card and the bride checks for a winner.
The consultation stage can be limited to a set number of rounds – say 4 to 12 rounds, depending on the number of questions contained in the card.

After which, the bride starts randomly starts announcing the answers to the questions and the first player to mark all her squares shouts Bingo! The player submits her card and the host or bride checks for a winner.

Alternatively, the consultation stage can last indefinitely until somebody approaches the bride and ends the consultation with a winning bingo card.


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What you Need :

..Home-made bingo cards (use heavy grain paper; read more about this below)
..enough pens
..a checklist of all the questions (for the bride’s use; the bride should write down all her answers before the game begins)
..a way to mark the number of rounds that has already lapsed (you may use shotglasses, bottles, anything that can stack or is easily seen by all) (optional)
..a whiteboard or big screen display to show the order players take their turns (optional)

Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Who Knows The Bride?Printable Game
for a Bridal Shower Party!

Who Knows The Bride?

Think you know the Bride the best? You might be surprised!

Have guests fill out this questionnaire about the Bride-to-be and find out who really knows the Bride best. Plus, get the men together to play Who Knows The Groom? - it's the perfect game solution for a couples shower!

Two versions included for each, Answer keys included.

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About the Bingo Cards:

The bingo cards should be a grid pattern with each square containing a question. Some squares can also contain announcements or little known information about the bride – making these ‘bonus’ squares. The bride and the host decide on the design of the bingo card, particularly on how many squares to be used in the game. We suggest a minimum of 16 squares (4x4 grid) and a maximum of 36 squares (6x6 grid). You can use A4 or Letter-sized bond paper or cardboard for this purpose.

It might sound complicated at this point, but after you look at our sample bingo card and read the sample questions below, you’ll agree that it will be fun to come up with your customized bingo card.

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Here are some sample questions that you can use:

..What is the bride’s shoe size?
..What is the bride’s height? (insist on using either inches or centimeters for uniformity)
..When is the bride’s birthday?
..How many sisters does the bride have?
..How many brothers does the bride have?
..What kind of fruit juice is the bride’s favorite?
..What is the bride’s favorite soda – brand & flavor?
..What is the bride’s favorite color?
..What year did the bride graduate from high school?
..What is the bride’s favorite brand of shoes?
..What is the bride’s favorite place to shop for clothes?
..What is the bride’s favorite brand of lingerie?
..How many wristwatches does the bride have?
..How many pairs of shoes does the bride have?
..How many pairs of sneakers does the bride have?
..What is the bride’s favorite sport?
..What is the bride’s #1 hobby?
..How many handbags does the bride have?
..What is the bride’s favorite food item at McDonald’s?
..What is the bride’s favorite brand of shampoo?
..When it comes to eating chicken, what part does the bride prefer?
..How does the bride like her steak to be cooked? (Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium, Medium-Well, or Well-done) ?
..How many children does the bride want to have?
..What is the bride’s blood-type?

Here are some sample information or announcements that you can use in ‘bonus’ squares:
(you can also use these as questions)

..The date and time of the wedding (so that party guests can mark this on their calendars)
..The venue of the wedding ceremony
..The venue of the wedding reception
..When the bride and groom first met
..How the bride and groom first met
..When the groom proposed to the bride
..How the groom proposed to the bride
..Where the groom proposed to the bride
..The bride’s mobile phone number
..The bride’s email address

Printable Game: Bridal Shower: The Newlywed GamePrintable Game
for a Bridal Shower Party!

The Newlywed Game!

Put the Bride and Groom in the hot seat as you fire questions to find out if they REALLY know the person they are about to marry!

Perfect for a couples shower, or play with just the Bride.

Two versions are included. One is 'Nice' and the other is 'Naughty' and seeks to reveal some juicy tidbits about Bride and Groom.

Answer keys included.

How to Play the Game:

When all the participants have arrived and the game is ready to be played, the game host may distribute the bingo cards and explain the rules of the game. Then the order in which players take their turns will be decided. It is a good idea to use an easy method of keeping track of this, like using the players’ names in alphabetical order. The game host then calls on each player in turn. This is the consultation stage, where the player approaches the bride in private consultation and gets 1 answer to 1 question from the card.

The player then has the option to submit her bingo card to the bride, who checks the answers. In case all the answers are correct, the player is immediately declared the winner and the game ends. Otherwise, the bingo card is returned to the player and the next player is called.

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If the game takes too long to end, or after a set number of consultation rounds has been reached, the party host can begin the raffling stage.

Here, the bride is asked to randomly announce the answers to the questions 1 by 1 until somebody shouts Bingo!

Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Famous Pairs Word ScramblePrintable Game for a
Bridal Shower Party!

Famous Pairs
Word Scramble

Players will be scrambling to unscramble these famous pairs! But we're not talking about couples, we're talking about pairs like "stars and stripes" and "bread and butter".

This is a brainteaser that will get everyone thinking!

Answer keys included.

Bridal Shower Balloons

Bridal Shower Party Favors

All Bridal Shower Party Supplies

The player submits her card and the bride checks the answers. In case of a tie, the winner can be decided by comparing birthdates – the player with the closer birthdate to the bride wins.

Note: In this game, all players are supposed to hold the same design of Bingo card. Their efforts during the consultation stage with the bride will establish the random element during the raffling stage.

Tips and Twists:

..The number of questions or bingo squares should be adjusted to suit the number of participants. More participants require more questions.

...The game can be played in the background while other activities take place. In this case, when a player’s turn ends, it is a good idea that she call the next player so the game can proceed smoothly. The game ends once any player correctly answers all the questions and is declared the winner.

..The bride is really the only one who knows all the correct answers. In some cases, even she might not know the truth (for example, in the case of how many pairs of shoes she owns).

..In all cases, she is the final authority on what should be accepted as the correct answer, even if this is not 100% truthful. Of course, the bride is encouraged to be honest, especially in matters of height, age, etc. =P

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