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Fun and Free Party Games
for a most memorable
Bridal Shower!!

During bridal showers, most talk is sure to revolve around the wedding arrangements -- the gown, the venue, the honeymoon, what kind of flowers, etc. Some of your guests are likely to tire of the topic after some time, maybe because weddings/getting married is still farthest from their minds, or because they have no personal experiences to share.

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Bridal Shower Games!!

*Spice Surprise*
(a guessing game)


*Who Watches the Bride?*
(a memory game)


This page features 2 fun & free
Bridal Shower games.
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For this reason, it is a good idea to inject variety into the proceedings with some brilliantly-selected Bridal Shower Games -- you must select the games that best suit your group of friends, to fully engage their participation and set everyone to laughing and sharing juicy tidbits of their own.Once everyone has joined the fun, it's anybody's guess how the night might end!

Check out our fine selection of Bridal Shower Games. We do our best to provide detailed tips and pointers on how to make the games fun, entertaining, and intriguing!

Spice Surprise (Bridal Shower Game)
A guessing game that challenges the senses..

A simple guessing game that’s homey and enlightening.

What you Need:

..a number of kitchen spices in their original containers
..thick sticker labels or masking tape to cover up the container labels
..lots of pen and paper

How to Prepare the Game :

The original spice containers will have proper labels which you have to cover up (if not remove) in order to play this game. You can use sticker labels or thick masking tape to cover up the labels, then use the markers to write numbers on the containers to tell them apart.

How to Play the Game:

Players get to examine the mysterious spice containers – look, smell, and maybe even taste the contents.
Then they are supposed to guess what spice is inside each numbered container.
When they have written down their guesses on paper, they submit their answer sheets and the winner is the player who gets the most correct answers.
In case of a tie, the winner can be the player whose birthdate is nearest the bride’s.

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Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Wedding Taboo!
Printable Game
for a Bridal Shower Party!

Wedding Taboo!

In this game, what you don't say
is just as important as what you do say!

Guests play in teams to try and guess wedding related words as their teammates shout clues.

But don't say the wrong clue -
or your team loses out!

Tips and Twists:

..The bride gets to keep the spices – these make a welcome addition to the married couple’s new kitchen

..When examining the spice containers, the players can be limited to using only some of their senses by means of blindfold, or by forbidding touch and taste, and allowing only sight and smell.

..You may prepare a separate list of all the spices for reference, although you must keep in mind that you only need 1 winner, and making it easier to correctly idenfity all the spices may not be a good idea.

..Be careful not to let anyone sneeze on the spices!

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Who Watches the Bride?
(Bridal Shower Game)

A memory game..

This game reveals who among the party guests has great powers of observation – or the most damnable luck in guessing!

What you Need:

..Question sheets
..enough pens
..a partition (like a dressing curtain) (optional)

How to Prepare the Game :

The questions about the bride should be prepared in advance and the bride should be informed of all the game’s particulars. The players should not be informed that this game will be played.

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How to Play the Game:

After the party has been going on for some time, the bride is asked to leave the room or move behind the partition and the game is announced.

Question sheets are handed out where everybody is asked to answer questions about the bride’s appearance as she was last seen – her clothes, her hair, etc.

After all question sheets are collected, the bride returns and the answers are revealed.

The winner is the player who gets the most correct answers.

In case of a tie, the player whose birthdate (or shoe size, or height) is nearest to the bride’s is the winner.

Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Why Do We Do That?Printable Game for a Bridal Shower Party!

Why Do We Do That?

Wondering why it's tradition for the Groom to throw the garter? It's to distract the guests so they keep their hands off the Bride, of course!

This game will have your guests in stitches as they race to be the first to complete matching wedding customs to the bizarre superstitions and folktales that started it all!

Answer key included.

Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Finish The Bride's Phrase!Printable Game for a
Bridal Shower Party!

Finish The Bride's Phrase!

Guests compete to find out who is the best mind-reader as they try to finish the Bride's phrase!

You'll get lots of laughs as guests try to out-wit and out-guess the Bride when she's given a phrase..

Such as: "White ______" .. Is it White Wedding, White Dress, White Doves? Anything goes in this bridal mind-reading game!

Answer key included.

Tips and Twists:

..Feel free to ask about the bride’s socks or earrings, even if she wears none!
..While the bride is behind the partition, you can turn the tables and ask her about some of the guests with simple yes/no questions. For example: is Joanna wearing a green sweater?

Sample Questions:

..What color is the bride’s top?
..What brand is the bride’s top?
..What is printed in front of the bride’s top?
..What color is the bride’s skirt / pants?
..What brand is the bride’s skirt / pants?
..What color are the bride’s socks?
..What brand are her shoes?
..What color is the bride’s belt?
..What color are the bride’s bracelets?
..What color are the bride’s earrings?
..What color is the bride’s wristwatch?
..What color is the bride’s necklace?
..What kind is her necklace pendant? (sketch)
..What kind are her earrings? (sketch)
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