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Fun and Free Party Games
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Bridal Shower!!

During bridal showers, most talk is sure to revolve around the wedding arrangements -- the gown, the venue, the honeymoon, what kind of flowers, etc. Some of your guests are likely to tire of the topic after some time, maybe because weddings/getting married is still farthest from their minds, or because they have no personal experiences to share.

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Bridal Shower Games!!

*Craft a Wedding Gown*
(a team game that challenges creativity)


*Mystery Prize Auction*
(a twist to distributing zany prizes)


This page features 2 fun & free
Bridal Shower games.
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For this reason, it is a good idea to inject variety into the proceedings with some brilliantly-selected Bridal Shower Games -- you must select the games that best suit your group of friends, to fully engage their participation and set everyone to laughing and sharing juicy tidbits of their own.Once everyone has joined the fun, it's anybody's guess how the night might end!

Check out our fine selection of Bridal Shower Games. We do our best to provide detailed tips and pointers on how to make the games fun, entertaining, and intriguing!

Craft a Wedding Dress? (Bridal Shower Game)
A team game that challenges creativity..

This is an involving team game that challenges teamwork and creativity. The idea is to fashion a wedding dress out of paper materials – chiefly, toilet paper and newspapers. Each team must select a model from among them. This game presents a lot of excellent photo opportunities and is sure to provide loads of fun memories.

What you Need:

..Rolls and rolls of toilet paper
..some old newspapers
..enough scissors, markers, staplers and masking tape
..countdown timer (optional)

How to Prepare the Game :

Each team should be composed of at least 4 party guests. Make sure the supplies of toilet paper, newspapers and crafting tools are evenly distributed among the teams for starters. Afterwards, it may become necessary to provide emergency supply of materials in case some teams want to redo their masterpiece. Lastly, make sure there is enough floor space for the guests to work on.

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How to Play the Game:

..Each team selects one from among them to be the model to wear the gown.

..The model does not have to undress to make way for the gown, but it would definitely help to remove loose articles of clothing like a jacket or loose/heavy pants.

..The game is given a set time – say, 15 minutes – to craft their paper fashion. Fashion accessories can also be made using the same paper materials as the gown – like a bouquet of paper flowers, shawl, or tiara and headdress.

..When all the gowns are done, you can have a fashion show where the model parades her dress while a teammate delivers a voice-over description of the gown design. The bride can choose the winning dress.


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Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

Tips and Twists:

..If the bridal shower is co-ed, you can ask the men to serve as the models.

..This should bring a wonderful twist to the game and provide even more interesting photo opportunities.

..You can prepare a catalog album or trade magazine featuring different wedding gown designs – to make it all the easier for your party guests to create their masterpiece.

..You can take fashion style photographs of each model and dress, and compile in an online photo album.

Printable Game: Bridal Shower: How To Be A Good Wife!Printable Game
for a Bridal Shower Party!

How To Be A Good Wife!

A Game that's
More than just a Game!

A humorous look into the 1950's woman who was taught in high school, "How To Be A Good Wife".

Read this 1950's textbook excerpt for a ton of laughter - then hand out a short quiz to see who was laughing, and who was paying attention! Answer key included.

Mystery Prize Auction (Bridal Shower Game)
A twist to distributing secret, zany prizes..

This is not a stand-alone party game, rather it is a creative method of distributing prizes to the winners of your party’s many games.

What you Need:

..one prize for each party game winner. The prize should be carefully wrapped for that air of mystery
..play money in different denominations. There should be 1 distinct denomination for each party game winner
..nondescript envelopes to hold the play money. 1 envelope for each party game winner

How to Prepare the Game :

Put the play money inside the envelopes – 1 piece of paper money in each envelope. The play money should all be different denominations.
Feel free to modify the amounts on the paper money if you need to add more denominations to your stack of cash – for example, you may write a “2” in front of all the bills so that $5 becomes $25, $10 becomes $210, and $50 becomes $250. This way, you can enough denominations available. Just make sure that the envelopes are thick enough to disguise what’s inside.

How to Play the Game:
As all the winners from the party’s different games are decided, the winners are handed out the envelopes containing the play money. The envelopes are supposed to be identical and it is completely random who gets the low-denomination and high-denomination play money.

When each winner has her play money, the auction can begin. Because the prizes are wrapped carefully, it is also a mystery what everyone is bidding on. The only sure thing is that any player’s bid can be beaten by a higher bid. Once all prizes are auctioned off, the game is over.

Bridal Shower Balloons

Bridal Shower Party Favors

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Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Things in the Bride's Purse!


Printable Game for
a Bridal Shower Party!

Things in
the Bride's Purse!

Do you know who brought the biggest purse?

She could be the big winner!

Use this fun checklist to see who has the most
- and the most unusual -
items in her purse!

Tips and Twists:

..You can impose a rule that any party guest can only win once. This way, everybody only gets one envelope and one chance to win in the auction. Winners from previous games may still join the games, just for fun.
..If you allow your guests to win more than one game, then some of them might hold more than 1 envelope and have 2 or more different denominations during the bidding wars. This is OK. This means that this player is entitled to claim 2 or more prizes during the auction. Therefore, it is important to note that this person cannot combine the value of her paper bills to bid on just one prize – in fact, each paper bill should be used separately to make sure that all game prizes are distributed.

..As regards distributing the envelopes to the game winners, you can ask each winner to draw an envelope as she wins, or, you can wait until all games are ended and ask the winners to draw among the envelopes. It doesn’t really matter, because in all cases, the envelopes are supposed to look identical.
..When it comes to opening gifts, you might ask each winning bidder to open her gift before proceeding with the next item in the auction. Doing this provides an interesting opportunity to see the player’s reaction to the prize and capture the moment on camera.
..For best results, you can have naughty items as the mystery prizes – like raunchy lingerie, chocolate/candies shaped after private parts, personal lubricant, edible underwear, adult toys like vibrators/dildos, etc.

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