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Fun and Free Party Games
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Baby Shower!!

During baby showers, the topic of conversation invariably centers around kids in general and how to care for babies in particular. While it is interesting to hear about what the first few months will be like, etc., some of your party guests can easily get bored with the talk -- especially those who aren't expecting kids anytime soon, and have no personal experiences to share.

Stork delivering a Baby!

Baby Shower Games!!

*Picture-Charades Game for Baby Shower Party*
(a guessing game)



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Baby Shower games.
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For this reason, Baby Shower games are almost a necessity to keep things lively and to involve everybody in the festivities. It's also a great way to induct new moms into motherhood as the best Baby Shower games can be educational aside from being fun.

Check out our fine selection of Baby Shower Games. We do our best to provide detailed tips and pointers on how to make the games fun, fair, safe, and entertaining!

Picture-Charades Game for Baby Shower Party
(Picture-Charades Words, Ideas, and Phrases)
A guessing game..

We recommend Picture-Charades for your next Baby Shower Party. Picture-Charades involves teams of players competing with each other by guessing code words that a teammate is required to draw -- no words, sounds, or actions are allowed.

As a Baby Shower Party Game, Picture-Charades can be played using Baby-themed code phrases and game prizes can be tailored to fit a Baby Shower theme.

Printable Games: Baby Shower: Finish Mommy's Phrase, Finish Daddy's PhrasePrintable Game
for a Baby Shower Party!

Finish Mommy's Phrase,
Finish Daddy's Phrase!

Guests compete to find out who is the best mind-reader as they try to finish Mommy's phrase!

You'll get lots of laughs as guests try to out-wit and out-guess Mom when she is given a phrase such as: "Baby _______"

Is it "Baby Girl", "Baby Wipes", "Baby Bib"?

And now you can play with Daddy, too... great for a couples shower!

What’s Needed to Play Picture-Charades for Bridal Shower Party:

Please read our page dedicated to Picture-Charades Rules and Strategy on How to Play a Game of Picture-Charades. The rest of this article is concerned with special rules on how to play a game of Baby-themed Picture-Charades.

Baby-Themed Picture-Charades Prizes: Since Baby Showers celebrate the coming of your friend's baby, you ought to prepare baby-themed prizes for the winners.

Hint: Prepare multiple sets of each prize -- give 1 each to the winners, and 1 to the mother-to-be.

Hint: The best prizes for this purpose are token prizes like cutesy temporary tattoos, small stuffed toys, and other cutesy stuff.


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Baby Shower Tableware

Take-Out Party Food as Prizes: If you prepared a lot of party food, you can assign the winning team to bring home the "leftovers". This simplifies the problem of what to do with leftovers: just tell the winning team that they are each required to bring home a take-out box of party food as a bonus prize.

Baby-Themed Penalties: "Picturists" who violate the guidelines of drawing the clues (e.g., no sounds, no actions, no numbers and letters, etc) are penalized. You can introduce inventive penalties such as:

..Make the "Picturist" wear a disposable Diaper (adult size, wear it on top of street clothes) and hold a baby bottle and/or baby rattle for a pictorial. Then you can post the images in your community/facebook page. Note: Prepare a few costumes / prop pieces that are fun to pose with in photos, like the aforementioned Diaper, Baby Rattle, Baby Bottle, Baby Pacifier, Baby Blanket, etc.

..Make the Actress wear the baby costumes / use the baby props and perform some nursery rhymes / songs with choreography (for example, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Chicken Dance). Catch the action on video that you can upload to YouTube/Facebook. This is always worth a load of laughs!

Baby Shower Banners

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Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Free Printable
Cue Cards:

For Baby Shower Party

Free to download, print and play!

Here are our Picture-Charades Phrases for your upcoming Baby Shower Party.

Just Download, Print and Play!

Presented in
PDF Format ...

Baby Shower
Picture-Charades Page 1

Baby Shower
Picture-Charades Page 2

BLANK Picture-Charades
Cue Cards
Best for all occasions!

Baby-Themed Picture-Charades Words/Phrases: For a truly Baby-themed Picture-Charades game, you surely need to have Baby-themed Charades Words or Phrases. We have prepared some Baby-themed Picture-Charades Words that you can use in your friend's Baby Shower Party.

Furthermore, we recommend that you skip using Categories such as "Action", "Object", etc. since this can make the words too easy to guess considering that the words all pertain to Pregnancy, Babies and Children. Just shuffle all the cards together and draw at random.

ultrasound nanny
twins baby food
crybaby onesie
breast pump baby carrier
potty training pediatrician
nursery cradle
sterilizer baby bath
rattle baby stroller
pacifier bib
mittens lullaby
baby formula baptismal
burping baby shower
Picture-Charades Game Card for Baby Shower Party - Sample (visit www.fun-free-party-games.com to find more FREE Picture-Charades Game Cards ready to print and play)
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