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Fun and Free Party Games
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Baby Shower!!

During baby showers, the topic of conversation invariably centers around kids in general and how to care for babies in particular. While it is interesting to hear about what the first few months will be like, etc., some of your party guests can easily get bored with the talk -- especially those who aren't expecting kids anytime soon, and have no personal experiences to share.

Stork delivering a Baby!

Baby Shower Games!!

*Mommy's Pregnant Waist*
(a guessing game)


*Dress the Baby*
(a race game)


This page features 2 fun & free
Baby Shower games.
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For this reason, Baby Shower games are almost a necessity to keep things lively and to involve everybody in the festivities. It's also a great way to induct new moms into motherhood as the best Baby Shower games can be educational aside from being fun.

Check out our fine selection of Baby Shower Games. We do our best to provide detailed tips and pointers on how to make the games fun, fair, safe, and entertaining!

Mommy's Pregnant Waist (Baby Shower Game)
A guessing game..

This is a short game which requires preparation and almost no props to play. Players are supposed to guess the waistline measurement of the pregnant mom (in centimeters), and the nearest guess wins.

What you Need:
..a tape measure
..a notepad
..a deep bowl or a big hat to temporarily hold all the contributions
..a piggy bank or cookie jar (optional)
..big screen display, whiteboard, etc (optional)

How to Prepare the Game :
You must decide upon the timing of 2 important events:
[1] when should the game begin; and,
[2] when should the winner be selected

The game can run in the background while other events take place. You can appoint somebody to go around and take down people’s guesses and collect their contributions. As time is about to expire, you may interrupt the program to announce that people have 10 (or 5, or 15) minutes left to submit their guesses. This is also a good time to remind your guests of the rules, and give an update as to the amount that has been collected so far.


How to Play the Game:
The host will explain the simple rules of the game to all party guests and ask them to participate as they wish. Each participant donates $1.00 to the pot and makes a guess as to the measurement of the mom’s waist.
You should measure at the biggest part of mom’s tummy. You may use centimeters to measure in order to make it more interesting. The nearest guess wins half of the pot money, with the other half being donated to a piggy bank for the baby.
In case of a tie, the winners split their half of the pot. Guests may or may not be required to join, and may choose to join more than once by donating more than $1.00 to the pot. The host may choose to set a limit as to the number of guesses any participant can make.

Tips and Twists:
..You can also play this game with the players guessing the mom’s weight. You can measure mom’s weight in pounds to make the game more interesting.
..Don’t take mom’s measurements ahead of time. It would be fun for all participants to watch in pleasurable anticipation as the host measures mom’s waistline or weight in front of everybody.
..If you have a big screen display, whiteboard, or sketchpad (such as used in playing Pictionary) handy, you may write down all the guesses made by everybody to make it public information. This also serves the purpose of enticing players to submit more guesses.

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Tips and Twists: (continued)
..It is a good idea to start accepting guesses early in the party, and measure mom’s waist or weight near the end of the party, or towards the end of the games segment of the party. This way, guests may still participate by approaching the host and submitting their guess as the party progresses.
..The mom may choose to wear loose-fitting maternity dress to make the guessing game more challenging.

Printable Game: Baby Shower: Spy BabesPrintable Game
for a Baby Shower Party!

Spy Babes!

A truly funny
baby shower game!

Spy Babes gives everybody a Secret Password and a corresponding Action that must be performed if anybody says their secret codeword.

Each guest must attempt to discover everybody else's codeword, while remembering to react to their own!


Dress the Baby (Baby Shower Game)
A race game..

This is a game where players are encouraged to take the least time in changing their dressing up their baby. This should promise to be an entertaining game to see who is ready to care for a baby’s special needs when it comes to baby clothes.

What you Need:

..lifesized Baby Dolls (preferably, with as many clothes / accoutrements as possible)
..a second set of baby clothes for the doll (optional)
..list of recommended accessories: baby cap, baby mittens, baby socks, baby sweater, diapers, baby pajamas, pacifier
..stopwatch (optional)

How to Prepare the Game :

The host should prepare the baby dolls to be fully-clothed and accessorized before the game begins. Aside from this, the host should also make sure there are enough tables and elbow room to accommodate the players.

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How to Play the Game:

As this is a relay race, each team should decide on their “order of battle”. When the game begins, each player begins his turn by undressing the baby completely.

Once the baby is fully unclothed, the player then dresses the baby taking care to complete don each article of clothing. Once completely dressed, and pacifier in place (optional), the next player takes over.

The winner is the first team to complete this sequence for all players.

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Tips and Twists:

..It is a good idea to provide a judge to oversees the progress of each player in each team, to certify that the doll has been fully undressed, that the player may begin to dress up again. The judge should also say when each player has successfully completed his turn and call the next player.
..The host might choose to provide 2 sets of clothes for the baby. This way, the player undresses the baby’s 1st set of clothes, then dress up with the 2nd set. The next player then removes the 2nd set of clothes, then dress up the baby with the 1st set.

..This game can be played with only 1 doll if the host uses a stopwatch to time the success of each time. Of course, the game will be much more involved when 2 or more teams compete side by side.

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