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Fun and Free Party Games
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Baby Shower!!

During baby showers, the topic of conversation invariably centers around kids in general and how to care for babies in particular. While it is interesting to hear about what the first few months will be like, etc., some of your party guests can easily get bored with the talk -- especially those who aren't expecting kids anytime soon, and have no personal experiences to share.

Stork delivering a Baby!

Baby Shower Games!!

*Diaper-Change Relay Race*
(a racing game)


*Linking Baby Names *
(a racing game)


This page features 2 fun & free
Baby Shower game.
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For this reason, Baby Shower games are almost a necessity to keep things lively and to involve everybody in the festivities. It's also a great way to induct new moms into motherhood as the best Baby Shower games can be educational aside from being fun.

Check out our fine selection of Baby Shower Games. We do our best to provide detailed tips and pointers on how to make the games fun, fair, safe, and entertaining!

Diaper-Change Relay Race (Baby Shower Game)
A racing game..

This is a game where players are encouraged to take the least time in changing their baby's diapers. This should promise to be an entertaining game to see people's readiness and their various reactions to handling babies, diapers, and what’s inside!

What you Need:

..lifesized Baby Dolls
..enough diapers (of the right size)
..rubbish bin
..baby wipes (optional)
..baby powder (optional)
..some mashed dark beans or chocoloate pudding (optional)
..blindfold (optional)

How to Prepare the Game :

Before starting the game, you should have a tutorial session wherein players are taught the proper way of changing a baby’s diapers. Once this is gotten out of the way, you can prepare the props on tables with enough elbow room for the players to do their thing.

Baby Shower Balloons

Baby Shower Invitations

Personalized Baby Shower

Baby Shower Tableware


As regards the optional components in this game:
..baby wipes and baby powder: using either or both of these items can make the game more engaging by adding 1 or 2 extra steps to the act of changing baby’s diapers.
..mashed dark beans or chocolate porridge / pudding: this makes it necessary to use the baby wipes – before putting on the new (clean) diapers, the player is supposed to put a dollop of the dark beans or choco porridge / pudding in the clean pair of diapers (more on this later).

How to Play the Game:
Each team should decide on their “order of battle”. The procedure to change baby’s diapers proceeds in this manner: (assuming all optional components are used)
[1] open dirty diapers and use baby wipes to clean baby’s bottom
[2] pack up baby wipes and dirty diapers and put bundle in rubbish bin
[3] apply generous portion of baby power to baby’s bottom
[4] unpack new (clean) diapers
[5] put a dollop of black beans or choco porridge/pudding in the new (clean) diapers
[6] fit diapers to baby and call the next player
Please note: If the optional components are removed from the game, you will have to modify the steps accordingly

The first team to successfully change their baby wins the game.

Tips and Twists:

It might be a good idea to have a judge oversee how the baby doll is handled (or mishandled) during game play. Whenever a player seemingly mishandles a baby, he can be penalized in the following ways:
..he could lose his turn and be sent back to the back of his line to play the last leg of the relay, and the next player in his team has to start with a fresh baby
..he could start over with a “fresh” baby. In both cases, a time-out will have to be called wherein only the mishandled baby is re-freshed by the judge or host. Thereafter, the game is resumed and the opposing team enjoys a slight advantage.
..by using the black beans / choco pudding in this game, the game can be a source of hilarious reactions from your party guests. Be sure to have your digital and video cameras ready to capture the zanier moments
..as an alternative to using the black beans / choco pudding, you may ask your players to put on a blindfold while changing baby’s diapers. On the surface, this might seem an unnecessary complication on game, but in reality, changing baby’s diapers in the dark is a challenge soon met and mastered by all parents.

Make it a Solo Game: (One vs. All)

If the party host is willing to provide more baby dolls, then this game can be made into a solo game where all players play against each other. Some suggested modifications to the rules:
..A judge can be appointed, and any player who mishandles his / her baby can be immediately disqualified from the game
..the game can be made into tournament style where elimination and semifinals rounds can be held before having the 2 best players face each other to decide the overall winner. For example, where 8 players participate:
Round 1 (eliminations): 8 players vie for 4 semifinals slots
Round 2 (semifinals): 4 players vie for 2 finals slots
Round 3 (finals): 2 players compete where the winner takes it all

Printable Game: Baby Shower: Mad Libs featuring Mama Says!Printable Game
for a Baby Shower Party!

Mad Libs: Mama Says!

A fun, secretly planned game of Mad Libs!

The host secretly records the exclamations Mama says as she opens the Baby Shower gifts.

Once done, the host reads Mom's unwitting comments, matched to our carefully prepared questions! (example: "How is the Pain?")

A funny and cute Baby Shower game that always gets plenty of laughs.


Linking Baby Names
(Baby Shower Game)

A name game, memory game..

This is a twist to the classic travelling game where one player gives a word and the next player in turn notes the last (or ending) letter of the word, and gives a word that starts with the same letter. This time, however, the words should be names, with certain restrictions to make the game more fast-paced and fun.

What you Need:

..a notepad and pen to write down all the names mentioned (optional, but a great idea -- mom *just* might have use for those names!)

How to Prepare the Game :

It is a good idea for the participants to sit in a loose circle where the players take turns in clockwise manner.

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Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Party Favors

Baby Shower Thank You Cards

How to Play the Game:

The mom may or may not participate in the game, but in all cases, it is a good idea for her to get the game started by providing the first name. The players then take turns giving out names, taking note of the restrictions.

Some sample restrictions are:
..Time Limit: each player is given 3 seconds to provide a name
..No Duplication: once a name is given, it cannot be used again
..Present Company Excepted: the name of any party guest won’t be accepted
..Gender: acceptable names should be appropriate to the baby’s gender
..Language: acceptable names should be the given version of that name: for example, Michael (in English), Miguel (in Spanish)
..Illegal letters: the mom can declare some letters as illegal, so that giving a name that ends in the illegal letter eliminates the player As play progresses, more and more names become restricted. It becomes necessary to consult the list of names previously provided. Players who fail to abide any of the restrictions are eliminated, until only 1 player remains.


Tips and Twists:

..If there is a computer with a big screen display handy, somebody can type down all the names as they are given. Just make sure that all players can see the list in the interest of fairness.
..The names given during this game can be a welcome boon to the expecting parents, as they can choose from among the list of names for their baby.

Printable Game: Baby Shower: The DIY Baby Kit!

Printable Game
for a Baby Shower Party!

The DIY Baby Kit!

Join the expectant mother
in her wistful fantasies...

Each guest at the Baby Shower
tries to guess which features and characteristics the Mom-to-be wants her new baby to inherit from each parent.

Once you've filled in your sheet,
the Mom reads out her answers.
The most correct guesses wins!

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