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Have Your Fun Exciting
Halloween Party!
Kids games for Halloween:
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for a most memorable
Halloween Party!!

It’s because you want to have a fun, exciting Halloween Party. Kids games for Halloween Party are great icebreakers. And the best ones are the simplest ones -- the ones we enjoyed best when we were kids.

Halloween Kids going out to Trick or Treat

Halloween Party Games!!

*Halloween Charades*
(Halloween Acting Game)


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Halloween Party Games
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They bring back memories of fun times shared with childhood friends or family members, and now give you and your friends new memories to share.

So check out our selection of FREE Halloween Party Games for kids. And when you play them, be sure to take lots of photos to capture the spirit of fun!


Halloween Charades (Halloween Party Game)
“FFPG Recommended Kids Party Games for Halloween”

Charades is an all-season favorite party game that kids and adults can play together. Charades involves teams of players competing with each other by guessing code words that a teammate is required to act out -- no words, sounds, or pre-arranged actions are allowed.

As a Halloween Party Game, Charades can be played using Halloween-themed code phrases and game prizes can be tailored to fit the Halloween theme.

What’s Needed to Play Charades for Halloween Party: Please read our page dedicated to Charades Rules and Strategy on How to Play a Game of Charades. The rest of this article is concerned with special rules on how to play a Halloween-themed Charades Game.


Halloween-Themed Charades Prizes: Since Halloween is the season for Trick-or-Treat, you can prepare special candy in Pumpkin baskets as prizes for the winners. You can also prepare an extra special treat -- like a temporary transfer tattoo, face makeup kit, or small toy spiders/insects -- for the successful pantomime actors.

Take-Out Party Food as Prizes: If you prepared a lot of party food, you can assign the winning team to bring home the "leftovers". This simplifies the problem of.. what to do with leftovers: just tell the winning team that they are each required to bring home a take-out box of party food as a bonus prize.


Halloween-Themed Penalties: Pantomime actors who violate the guidelines of acting out clues (e.g., no sounds, no pointing at objects, etc) are penalized. You can introduce inventive penalties such as:

..Make the Actor wear a Costume & Pose for a Pictorial. Then you can post the images in your community/facebook page. Note: Prepare a couple of costumes that are fun/eerie like a sexy nurse outfit (for adults), or gory zombie costume, or Hannah Montana / Justin Bieber costume for kids.

..Make the Actor act out a death scene from a Slasher movie. He/she can play the role of killer or victim. Note: Prepare some video clips from slasher movies of your choice, like Scream or Psycho.


Free Printable Charades Cards:
For Halloween Party

Free to download, print and play!

Here are our Charades Phrases for your upcoming Bridal Shower Party.

Just Download, Print and Play!

Presented in
PDF Format ...

Halloween Charades Page 1

Halloween Charades Page 2

Halloween Charades Page 3

BLANK Charades
Cue Cards
Best for All Occasions!

Halloween-Themed Charades Words/Phrases: For a truly Halloween-themed Charades game, you certainly need to have Halloween-themed Charades Ideas or Phrases. We have prepared some Halloween-themed Charades Phrases that you can use in your next Halloween Party.

Book/Movie/Song Title Fictional Character
A Nightmare on Elm Street The Headless Horseman
Resident Evil Frankenstein's Monster
Scream Count Dracula
I Know What You Did Last Summer The Wolfman
True Blood Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ghostbusters Abraham Van Helsing
Friday the 13th Freddie Kruger
Sleepy Hollow Elvira (The Mistress of Darkness)
Gremlins Jack-o'-Lantern
Fright Night Broomhilda
The Addams Family Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Beetlejuice Igor (Hunchbacked Assistant)
The Blair Witch Project
The Exorcist Place
The Rocky Horror Show Transylvania
Poltergeist Haunted House
The Amityville Horror
Halloween Person
The Nightmare Before Christmas Mortician
Thriller Mad Scientist
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