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Have Your Fun Exciting
Halloween Party!
Kids games for Halloween:
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Halloween Party!!

It’s because you want to have a fun, exciting Halloween Party. Kids games for Halloween Party are great icebreakers. And the best ones are the simplest ones -- the ones we enjoyed best when we were kids.

Halloween Kids going out to Trick or Treat

Halloween Party Games!!

*ESP Card Game*
(Test your Psychic Ability!)


*Murder Mystery Game*
(Recommended for Halloween!)


This page features 2 fun & free
Halloween Party Games
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They bring back memories of fun times shared with childhood friends or family members, and now give you and your friends new memories to share.

So check out our selection of FREE Halloween Party Games for kids. And when you play them, be sure to take lots of photos to capture the spirit of fun!

ESP Card Game (Halloween Party Game)
“FFPG Recommended Kids Party Games for Halloween”

The ESP Card Game typically uses Zener Cards. ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is the Sixth-Sense that is purportedly present in some people and this game tests the strength of your player’s ESP. Cards of different kinds can be used, of course, according to your choice.
For some, ESP and psychic ability are synonymous. As such, it is far from being considered a branch of science which has to be taken seriously. In any case, the real point of this game is to foster a Halloween atmosphere of the eerie, paranormal, and even of the occult.

What’s Needed to Play: You can play this game with a Standard Deck of Playing Cards.
To promote a Halloween feel, however, we highly recommend using something else that promotes an air of occultism such as Tarot Cards or Zener Cards.
In real-world testing of ESP, cards called Zener Cards are typically used and so this is what we recommend.
Click here to Download a Printable Deck of Zener ESP Cards for your Halloween gaming fun.
Or click here to view ESP Zener Cards in Browser Friendly GIF format.
A lower resolution version of Zener ESP Cards is also available.
You will also need pen and paper to record the results.


The Challenge: The player draws a ESP Card from the thoroughly shuffled deck and places it facedown in front of him. He attempts to discern the print on the face of the ESP card thru extra-sensory means. A facilitator writes down the player’s *guess* and the ESP Card’s actual value. Then the number of correct *guesses* are tallied.

About Prizes: You should set a limit on the number of attempts that each player is allowed (such as 10 attempts or 10 cards). Only 1 winner ought to be declared. In case of a tie, you can have a tie-breaker round to determine who ultimately wins.

Variation: A Telepathy Card Game: Rather than simply recording the results, the facilitator draws the card and looks at it intently. The Player then attempts to *read* the facilitator’s mind. Play continues as before, with guesses recorded and results tallied.

Some Last Minute Reminders: If you use standard playing cards, you don't need to use the whole deck. You can limit the cards-in-play to the High Cards such as 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces. Be sure to tell your player that you have limited the card selection in this manner.


Murder Mystery Game (Halloween Party Game)
“FFPG Recommended Kids Party Games for Halloween”

A Murder Party Game totally fits a Halloween theme party. To spice things up, tell your players that the best “death” will be awarded a prize. This can transform your basic Guess the Murderer Game to have lots of laughs when your party guests come up with inventive ways of being “murdered”.

What’s Needed to Play:
Strips of paper and a hat or pouch.

The Challenge: All participants draw a folded strip of paper from the hat. Written on the paper is the role they will play during the game. Just 1 murderer is designated, and his role is to try and kill as many people before getting caught. The killer “murders” a victim by winking at him/her. The victim then waits for a few moments to lapse (so as not to give away the Murderer) then declares that he/she has been murdered and play-acts his/her death scene.
After each death, any of the remaining players can guess the identity of the murderer. If any player correctly guesses identity of the murderer, he/she wins the game.

Once identified, the murderer acts out his own death scene. However, if any player guesses wrongly, then he/she is considered “murdered” and acts out his/her death scene.
The Murderer wins the game when he kills all but two of the players.
You can play more than 1 round; in each round you ask your players to draw from the hat again.


Variations and Ideas:

Fun Deaths: Ask a group of your best friends to act as judges. Let them choose who among the contestants play-acts the most-inventive death scene. You can prepare 1-3 prizes for the best play-actors.

Introduce a Detective : You can assign one of the players the role of Detective. In this version of the game, the Murderer automatically wins if he should kill the Detective or if the Detective should be mistaken in naming the Murderer. Meanwhile, all other players can still guess who the murderer is, and are still considered “killed” if should they incorrectly guess the identity of the murderer.

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