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Free Bridal Shower Games!

For a most memorable Bridal Shower Party!

During bridal showers, most talk is sure to revolve around the wedding arrangements -- the gown, the venue, the honeymoon, what kind of flowers, etc. Some of your guests are likely to tire of the topic after some time, maybe because weddings/getting married is still farthest from their minds, or because they have no personal experiences to share.

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Bridal Shower Games!!

*Whose Memory Is It?*
(a guessing game that reveals!)


*Words to Watch*
(a gift stealing game)


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Bridal Shower game.
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For this reason, it is a good idea to inject variety into the proceedings with some brilliantly-selected Bridal Shower Games -- you must select the games that best suit your group of friends, to fully engage their participation and set everyone to laughing and sharing juicy tidbits of their own.Once everyone has joined the fun, it's anybody's guess how the night might end!

Check out our fine selection of Bridal Shower Games. We do our best to provide detailed tips and pointers on how to make the games fun, entertaining, and intriguing!

Whose Memory Is It? (Bridal Shower Game)
A Guessing Game That Reveals!

When you hand out invitations to your guests, include a blank card (or stationery paper) where they are supposed to write a cherished memory they share with the bride, the groom, or the celebrated couple.

During the party, the guests are instructed to place all their cards in a hat or fishbowl.

When it's time, the bride draws cards at random and reads the contents out loud. This is a great opportunity for laughs and gasps as secrets are shared.

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Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Why Do We Do That?Printable Game for a Bridal Shower Party!

Why Do We Do That?

Wondering why it's tradition for the Groom to throw the garter? It's to distract the guests so they keep their hands off the Bride, of course!

This game will have your guests in stitches as they race to be the first to complete matching wedding customs to the bizarre superstitions and folktales that started it all!

Answer key included.

Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Words of Wisdom!Printable Game for a
Bridal Shower Party!

Words of Wisdom!

"What makes my marriage a success?"

Guests claim the spotlight in sharing their best, most valuable, hardest-won Marriage secrets!

Collect the Advice Cards after the party and keep as a memento of your friendly get-together.

What's More: Crafty Brides can create a scrapbook that revolves around the Advice Cards!

Once done, the bride is supposed to guess which guest wrote submitted the card.

The bride then goes on to draw another card and read the next memory.

Game Tips for this Bridal Shower Game:

.It's a great idea to use customized cards / stationery paper for this activity. You can have the names of the bride and groom stenciled or letterpressed. You can also include the date of the nuptials and the date of the bridal shower party.

.You can collect the cards from each guest as they arrive. You can put the fishbowl beside the door so that guests drop their cards as they enter.

.You can assign a game host to read the cards out loud in place of the bride. This way, the bride cannot base her guess on the handwriting. You can also have your guests draw a random card each to read.

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Words to Watch
Bridal Shower Game

A Gift Stealing Game..

Give your guests a bunch of bracelets (note: bead bracelets do well here). Each bracelet represents a chance to stay in the game.

The way it works is that you make up a list of words that your guests are not allowed to speak out loud.

The game takes place throughout the party. Whenever a guest overhears another speak a forbidden word, she is entitled to get 1 bracelet from the offender.

Note that if more than 1 guest catches the forbidden word, they each get 1 bracelet from the offender.

The game ends whenever the bride decides. The winner(s) are the guests who wear the most bracelets.

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Game Tips for this Bridal Shower Game:

.You can give anywhere from 3-6 bracelets to each guest.

.You can have more than 1 winner. Be sure to tell your guests how many prizes you plan to give out.

.You can use forbidden words that have to do with the bride, the groom, and weddings in general. Use words like: the bride's name, the groom's name, flowers, honeymoon, ring, engagement, kids.

Printable Game: Bridal Shower: Wedding Taboo!
Printable Game
for a Bridal Shower Party!

Wedding Taboo!

In this game, what you don't say
is just as important as what you do say!

Guests play in teams to try and guess wedding related words as their teammates shout clues.

But don't say the wrong clue -
or your team loses out!

A Twist on Game Rules:

You can use a dynamic list of forbidden words. You can have a whiteboard and write the forbidden words there. You can keep your list short, say, only 5 forbidden words at a time; or, you can have a long list of no fewer than 10 words.

Have the bride decide which words to keep on the board and which words (if any) to cross out.

If a guest is accosted for speaking a forbidden word, both parties refer to the board to see if the word is still there. If the word is not on the board, the accused gets 1 bracelet from the accuser.

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