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Drunken Bluff/
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Drinking Game Rules

A Card Game for Adults: Bluff Drinking Game (also "Cheat" and "Bullshit") is a Card Game that’s best when played by 3 people or more.

To play, a standard 52-card deck of playing cards is required in addition to the alcohol – usually beer but it can be hard drinks or wine depending on the preferences of your players.

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How to Play Drunken Bluff / Drunken Cheat / Drunken Bullshit Card Game:

Preparing the Drinks:

Beer Bluff Card Drinking Game: The standard version of the game: We recommend disposable cups with something like 5-8oz capacity that you can half-fill or fill to the brim, you decide.

Wine Bluff Card Drinking Game: For light drinkers: we recommend disposable cups with something like 2-5oz capacity. Pour just a sip of wine in each cup.

Hard Drinks Bluff Card Drinking Game: For heavy drinkers: we recommend shotglasses or disposable cups intended for mouthwash. Pour just 1 finger of your poison in each cup.

How to Play Drunken Bluff / Drunken Cheat / Drunken Bullshit Card Game:

Preparing the Cards:

* One players shuffles the cards and deals them out. Each round can have a different dealer.

* Dealer gives each player 4 or 5 cards (depending on the number of players). Each player should keep their cards to themselves.

* Dealer then places nine (or more) cards facedown on the table in a 3x3 grid arrangement. Note that each of these cards are worth 2 drinks, so you should have prepared enough drinks for your game.

* Now it’s time to Play!


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How to Play Drunken Bluff / Drunken Cheat / Drunken Bullshit Card Game:

Playing the Game:

* Starting with the dealer, each player is supposed to turn over 1 card on the table (player’s choice) to reveal its value.

* If any player has a similar-valued card (suits are ignored), he places said card facedown on the table. He also chooses 1 or 2 players to take a drink:
..If he chooses just 1 player, this player has to take 2 drinks
..If he chooses 2 players, each one takes 1 drink

* Play passes on to the next player in clockwise manner.

* Now comes the fun part: Anybody can claim to have the card that was just turned. Because you’re supposed to discard facedown, nobody can tell if the card you’ve discarded is what you say it is.

Many Different Drinks

How to Play Drunken Bluff / Drunken Cheat / Drunken Bullshit Card Game:

Playing the Game: (continued)

* Be careful though, because when you tell somebody to take a drink, he can call your bluff! Then you’ll have to reveal what you’ve just discarded. There are 2 possible outcomes:
..IF you were honest (i.e., you put down the correct card), then the challenge is lost. The challenger has to take twice as many drinks as he is supposed to – 2 drinks or 4.
..BUT IF you were dishonest (i.e., you put down the wrong card), then the challenger wins! YOU have to drink the challenger’s share which is 2 or 4 drinks (depending on how many people you chose).

* If 2 or more people discard during a turn, each one of them assigns 2 drinks to other players – but not to each other. Here’s an optional rule to keep things healthy: nobody can take more than 2 drinks in 1 turn – except in cases where a challenge is won or lost. (Just so you can’t bully someone into taking 10 drinks in 1 turn!)

* Finally, if somebody discards his entire hand before all cards on the table are flipped, he wins! Each of the remaining players must take extra drinks according to the rules below (your choice):
..Each of the cards left unturned on the table equals 2 drinks for each player; or,
..Each player takes 2 drinks for each card that he still holds in his hand; or,
..Both of the Above!

* As an Option, the winner can assign more drinks to the non-winners. You can count all the drinks that everybody is supposed to take at the end of the game and let the winner distribute at will.

How to Play Strip Bluff / Strip Cheat / Strip Bullshit:

Strip Bluff can be an exciting game. Just play using the above rules but introduce the following additions:

* Whenever a challenge is made, someone takes off an article of clothing depending on who loses the challenge.

* Additionally, whenever a player successfully sheds all cards, all the players left in the game take off an article of clothing.

* The game continues until 1 or more players are disrobed.

For a longer game of Strip Bullshit / Strip Bluff: in any challenge, the player who wins the challenge gets to redeem an article of clothing previously lost while the player who loses the challenge removes an article of clothing.

How to Play a standard Game of Bluff / Bullshit / Cheat:

Follow this link to read about the standard game version of Bluff / Bullshit / Cheat.

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