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One-Person Drinking Games!

Give your next drink a Twist!

Fun-Free-Party-Games presents this collection of our all-season favorite One-Man Drinking Games.

The next time you have yourself a bottle, consider playing for how much, how often, and how long you drink. It's just one way to keep entertained when you take your nightly drink. Game on!

Play one-man drinking games at www.fun-free-party-games.com

Make your next drink a
game where you win
both ways!


Drinking Games: Drunk Driver Solo Drinking Game!
Version 4: Solo Version

Rest easy: No driving of any kind takes place in this game: Not the driving you do with a golf club. Not even the driving you do with an XBox controller. Instead, this drinking card game blends luck and guessing.

Your goal is to turn over all the cards in order to "arrive home".

Every time you turn cards, you are punished or rewarded based on what turns up. No 2 games will ever be alike.

So follow the link and read the article for details on how to play drunk driver as a solo drinking card game.


Drunken Yahtzee Dice Game: Drinking Game Rules!

Just bring out 5 dice, some pens and use our printable Yahtzee Score Cards to play this always popular dice game.

Is Beer Really Better Than a Woman? Find 15 Reasons Why

Introduce Scandal to your Party Nights with the
Kama Sutra 3-in-1 Mega Sexy Games Bundle!

Whereas your Classic Tabletop Games of Bingo, Playing Cards, and Dominoes make you contend with antiseptic numbers, symbols, and pips.. Our excitingly naughty table games are peppered
with Saucy Scenes of Physicality!

The Kama Sutra 3-in-1 Mega Sexy Games Bundle is
a truly titillating visual experience! It lets you set the mood for the rest of your party!

The Kama Sutra 3-in-1 Mega Sexy Games Bundle: Get your friends to share jokes, anecdotes, and maybe even some serious advice on what our beautifully 3D-Rendered Kama Sutra Scenes have to "say"! Play these games and you may never look at your friends the same way again! Come Join the Fun!

Kama Sutra 3-in-1  Mega Sexy Games Bundle Banner 300x240px
Grab me one of those, will ya? Some Choices are Tougher than Others A Sign That Promotes Double Standards

Horse Race Drinking Game! (Rules and Game Guide)

Stage your very own Horse Race with a standard deck of playing cards. You can play this game solo. Try to guess the winner! Game On!


Solo Drinking Game: Solo Blackjack Rules!
Drunk Blackjack Version 2

A game that everybody knows! It doesn't get any simpler than Blackjack. And yet, playing it solo lets your cards show you your drink: how much and how often depends on your hand!

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