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Adult Charades!
Ideas, Phrases and
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Charades is the popular action game that involves 2 teams of guessers, a secret code, and a pantomime actor. You're sure to have played it or seen it played!

Now play it with booze and you've got Drunken Charades -- the only way to improve this classic action game!

Let's Play Charades! The Classic Action Party Game!

Charades! The Classic Game where Actions Speak when Words Are Not Allowed.

Read on and find out more about How to Play Charades as an Adult Party Game: Drunken Charades! Optional Strip Game Rules included.


The Charades Game in Brief:

In a Charades Game, 2 teams compete to make the most number of correct guesses of a secret code (or secret phrase or title) that is acted out by a pantomime actor. The game ends when time runs out, or when one team scores the target number of correct guesses.

What’s Needed to Play a Game of Charades:

* Charades Code Cards (where you write down the secret codes)
* A Timer (use a sand timer or a clock with large display for best results)
* A hat or pouch from where you draw the Charades Code Cards (optional)
* A Notepad and pen to record the Score (optional)
* 2 teams of rowdy, inspired players (for best results!)


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How to Play Charades as an Adult Game:

Charades can be a fun game for a group of mixed ages. As an adult game, it shines especially when you introduce adult words and concepts as the phrases to guess. For more fun, you can have a pair -- male and female -- act out clues together. Doing it this way, you can have plenty of fun with zany, irreverent, suggestive, or downright naughty code phrases!


Playing Charades as a Drinking Game:

Charades makes a great party game especially when there's booze involved: the more your guests drink, the more involved the game will surely get. And the more outrageous the acting. Try it and see!

You can play Charades using normal rules which you can find in our Charades Rules page. Players are supposed to take a drink following these events:

Event Who Drinks How Many Drinks
Actor Violates Guideline Actor Only 1
OR: Actor Violates Guideline Actor and Guessers Actor: 2
Guessers: 1 each
Guessers Earn 1 Point Stealers 1 each
Stealers Earn 1 Point Actor Only 1
OR: Stealers Earn 1 Point Actor and Guessers Actor: 2
Guessers: 1 each
Game is Won Losing Team 2 or more

Playing Charades as a Strip Game:

This is a great game to play during a Bachelorette Party. For a hilarious twist, you can use titles of nursery rhymes or children’s books for your secret codes.
Just play Charades using normal rules. Players are supposed to strip down following these events:

Event Action How Many Articles of Clothing
Actor Violates Guideline Actor Strips 1
OR: Actor Violates Guideline Actor and Guessers Strip Actor: 2
Guessers: 1 each
Guessers Earn 1 Point Stealers Strip 1 each
Stealers Earn 1 Point Actor Strips 1
OR: Stealers Earn 1 Point Actor and Guessers Strip Actor: 2
Guessers: 1 each
OR: Stealers Earn 1 Point Stealers Reclaim Clothes 1 each
Game is Won Losing Team Strips 2 or more

Suggestions for Charades Phrases (Charades Phrases for Adults):

Below you will find some suggestions for Charades Phrases that you can use in your next Adult Charades Session:

Category Description Secret Code
TV/Movie/Book/Song Deep Throat
TV/Movie/Book/Song Debbie Does Dallas
TV/Movie/Book/Song American Gigolo
TV/Movie/Book/Song Spartacus
TV/Movie/Book/Song The Blue Lagoon
TV/Movie/Book/Song I'm Too Sexy
TV/Movie/Book/Song I Wanna Sex You Up
TV/Movie/Book/Song Afternoon Delight
Person/Place/Thing Jenna Jameson
Person/Place/Thing Traci Lords
Person/Place/Thing Bouncer
Person/Place/Thing Stripper
Person/Place/Thing Titty Bar
Person/Place/Thing Marilyn Monroe
Person/Place/Thing Sex Video
Person/Place/Thing Exhibitionist

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Charades Game Card - Sample (visit www.fun-free-party-games.com to find more FREE Charades Game Cards ready to print and play)
Sample Charades Phrase Card

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