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Drunk Driving Drinking Game

Card Game Drinking
Game Rules (Version2)

Drunk Driving Drinking Card Game is a great Drinking Game for Two People. Three or even more people can play with enough cards – feel free to mix 2 decks or more for a big crowd of players.

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Drunk Driver Card Game is a fine example of guessing-game-cum-drinking-game at its finest!

You move down a line of cards by making good guesses. Bad guesses get you drinks. When you reach the end of the line of cards, you've arrived home. Congrats!

Ok, before you blow a pipe, Drunk Driver Drinking Game requires no *real* driving. It doesn't even require fake driving like in a video game. It's simply a guessing game that you're bound to mess up as the drinks come pouring in.


Prepare Drunk Driving Drinking Game: Drunk Driver..
The Drinks!

To play, you will need the following:

..a standard 52-card deck of playing cards.

..as an option, add the Jokers to your deck for a fun twist.

..lots of booze (we recommend beer, wine, or wine-coolers)

..(optional) small plastic cups to serve as shotglasses. Use 1.5oz – 3oz cups such as those used in mouthwash. Half-fill or fill to the brim, it’s your choice.

Prepare Drunk Driving Drinking Game: Drunk Driver..
The Card Game!

Each game calls for 1 dealer and at least 1 player. The dealer can also play if he wants by dealing himself in. Roles can interchange after each game.

We recommend 2 versions of this game. Continue reading this page to find out more about Drunk Driving Version 2.


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When you’re done, be sure to follow the link to visit:
* Drunk Driver Drinking Game (Version 1) Rules
* Drunk Driver Drinking Game: Race Version! (Version 3) for 3 people
* Solo Drinking Game: Drunk Driver! (Version 4) for Solo Play

For Drinking Games your guests are sure to enjoy, choose the one you think is best, or play both versions. Let’s Game On!

Drinking Games: Drunk Driver Version 2:

..Dealer places 5 cards face down in a line.

..The Player’s goal is to flip all the cards before he passes out.

..Before flipping a card, the Player has to guess the value.

....For the First Card: He guesses the color – Black or Red

....For the rest: He guesses the value – higher or lower (compared to the last card he flipped). Note: Treat Aces higher than Kings.

....A good guess allows the player to proceed to the next card in line.

..Interlude: Why is the game called Drunk Driving? The line represents the road down which the player drives. The game ends when the player manages to reach the end. If he gets drunk beforehand and wipes out, he loses!

Drinking Games: Drunk Driver Version 2: (continued)

..A bad guess results in any number of outcomes. You'll have to decide which rules you want to use:

....For Light Drinkers: The Player takes a number of drinks equal to the card he makes his mistake on. For example, he makes a bad guess on the first card: he takes 1 drink; he makes a bad guess on the 2nd drink, he takes 2 drinks.. and so on. The player advances down the line regardless of making good or bad guesses.

....For even Lighter Drinkers: Same rules as above, except you count his mistakes and make him drink the last number. For example, on his first bad guess, he gets 1 drink. On his 2nd bad guess, he gets 2 drinks. On his 3rd, he gets 3.. and so on. The player advances down the line regardless of making good or bad guesses.

....For Heavy Drinkers: Choose from 1 set of rules above with 1 additional twist: you make the player start over. To do this, the dealer deals news cards on all up-facing cards.

..The game ends when the player reaches the far end of the line. The Role of Dealer can rotate. Play Again!

Drinking Games: Drunk Driver Version 2: (continued)

This Part is Optional: Introducing Lifeline Cards: You can allow the player to draw a card from the deck to take the place of his last card -- the card upon which he bases his guess of High or Low.

..For example, the card he flips turns out to be a 7 and he hates the idea of guessing based on the crappy odds.

..He can take a random card from the deck to put it in place of the 7 that’s on the table. However, this comes at a cost: make him take 1 or 2 drinks as payment for the random card!

..Sensibly, you can make the player take as many as 1/2 of the drinks that he would get in case he makes a bad guess. This works out to something like paying a 50% insurance fee for a chance to better your odds.

..For example, if a bad guess will get you 3 drinks, then you can choose to draw a fresh card with a random chance of improving your odds. You just have to pay the price: 1-1/2 drinks at the outset.

..You can let the player do this only a limited number of times per game (1 or 2), or as many times as he wants.

Drinking Games: Drunk Driver Version 2: (continued)

This Part is Optional: Include the Joker Cards: Another option is to add the Joker card to your deck. You can choose from the following consequences when a Joker Card is revealed:

..The Joke is Wild: This outcome benefits the player since the Joker can be any number he wants! The result: He instantly moves forward with no penalties attached.

..The Joker is a Dud: This works against the player! The result: the Joker imposes whatever negative outcome. Whenever the Joke comes up, treat it like the player just made a bad guess.

If you’re playing the game with a big group of people, the game ends when somebody passes out or is unable to continue. Otherwise, keep playing and keep rotating the role of dealer.

The dealer can also play while he deals. All he has to do is lay down a line of cards for himself. However, it’s best if you let the dealer use this time to recover.

To read about the 1st version of this Drinking Game: Drunk Driver Version 1 is here in this link

Follow this link to Drunk Driver Drinking Game: Race Version! (Version 3) suited for 3 or more people

How to Play Drunk Driver Card Game as a Strip Game:

Using Version 2 Rules Above:

We Recommend a couple of ways you can introduce a Strip Game element to your game of Drunk Driver:

Method 1: Follow the rules above except that you allow the player to avoid taking drinks in exchange for removing 1 item of clothing. You should Come up with a predetermined exchange rate like 2 drinks for each item of clothing.

Method 2: Make Aces a Strip card: if the player finds an Ace, he/she has to remove 1 item of clothing as an extra action.

Method 3: Instead of a being a static Strip card, make Aces a "Drink or Strip" card. Each time the player gets an Ace, let him/her choose which consequence he/she likes.

Method 4: You can add actions to some cards as well. For example, Aces make you Strip. Twos recover your last discarded item. Kings make you do a table dance. Threes make you give away a body shot to the first volunteer (let him/her use any body part that's exposed). You get the idea...

..Note About Recovering Lost Clothes: If you want the option of recovering clothes: let the player do so whenever he/she gets a Two. Make a simple rule: player can recover only the last item removed.

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