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Drunken Snakes and Ladders
Drinking Games Rules

Snakes & Ladders Board Game has always been popular for players of all ages. Now using our recommended set of Adult Party Game Rules for Snakes and Ladders, we guarantee you and your friends will find this game a strong favorite in your upcoming parties.

Find out How You and Your Friends can Play Snakes and Ladders as an Adult Party Game! Drinking Game Rules, Strip Game Rules, for Free! @ www.fun-free-party-games.com

Find out How You and Your Friends can Play Snakes and Ladders as an Adult Party Game! Drinking Game Rules, Strip Game Rules, for Free!


How to Play Drunken Snakes and Ladders: Drinking Game-Board Game Rules!

For our Snakes and Ladders Drinking Game, we recommend using small shotglasses which can hold something like 1.5oz to 3oz of drink. Go ahead and use plastic cups meant for mouthwash or jello shot containers for disposability.

We recommend beer or other low-alcohol beverage like wine or wine-coolers since you will be drinking a LOT of shots in this game.


A Twist for Drunken Snakes and Ladders: Introducing the Drink Token:

We want to introduce a twist to the classical game of Snakes and Ladders: the use of Drink Tokens!

First, a reminder: You can use our Free Printable Snakes and Ladders Game Board and Free Printable Drink Tokens (Ready to Print & Play!) If you already have a game board, you'll just need to provide Drink Tokens -- for which you can use anything flat that stacks well, like poker chips or coins.

What exactly is our Drink Token? Read on…:

Refer to Diagram 2:

..Each Drink Token represents 1 drink

..A Drink Token is dropped by each player in the square they land. They do this AFTER they take any drinks. This is the last thing a player does during his/her turn.

Snakes and Ladders Game Board
Diagram 1: The Snakes and Ladders Game Board:
Players start at square 1 and advance numerically as decided by dice rolls.


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..As a result, any player who is fortunate(?) enough to land in an occupied square takes 1 or more drinks.

..The way this works out: over time, the squares where Snakes/Slides disgorge players get cluttered with a bunch of Drink Tokens. Likewise with the tops of ladders. This then makes the prospect of climbing stairs and sliding down snakes doubly onerous! There is just no limit to the number of Drink Tokens that can accumulate on any 1 square!

..This is Optional: If you want your game to have more drinking right from the start, you can do this: Before anybody dices, each player gets 1 (or more!) Drink Token(s) which they place at a random squares on the board. If they want to, they can all place their tokens on just 1 square!

..At the end of the game, the winner collects all Drink Tokens from the game board and distributes to other players at will. This means: if you don't win, you'll get Drink Tokens awarded to you and you'll have to start chugging. If you do win, however, have mercy! Don’t give all the tokens to 1 sap! Remember: 1 Token = 1 Drink!

Drinking Games "Drink Token" by fun-free-party-games.com
Diagram 2: Our Drinking-Games "Drink Token":
Print as many as 100 tokens just so you don't run out during your game. If you prefer, here is a Blue Drink Token worth 5 drinks.

Here’s how to Play Snakes and Ladders as a Drinking Game - Rules in Detail:

..For Best results, we recommend that each player is given his/her own dice. All players roll at the same time. All players move at the same time. If you don't have enough dice for each player, you'll find helpful notes below.

..At their landing squares, players drink as needed. Then they place a Drink Token to end the turn.

..Remember: If a player lands on a square that’s occupied by Drink Tokens, he takes 1 drink for each drink token on that square!

..Note that Drink Tokens remain in place until the end of the game.

..This is Optional: Make a toast at the start of your game where everybody drinks. Use an invocation like: “May the stairs find us with regularity and the Snakes, none at all!” (Legend: Snakes & Ladders is said to be based on a traditional 16th Century Indian game where the goal is spiritual salvation thru virtue(the ladders). Meanwhile, base vices (the snakes) countermand our efforts. If you like the symbolism, don't feel like arguing with Indian mystics, or just love your booze, then go ahead and do this optional rule!)

..When it comes to Climbing Ladders and Sliding down Snakes, we recommend 2 different sets of consequences. You choose between…:

Action: Climb a Ladder

Action: Slide Down a Snake

Option #1
(Suitable for)
(Light Drinkers)

Except for the guy who climbs the ladder, everybody takes 1 drink.

The unlucky player takes 1 drink in addition to any drink tokens he finds at the bottom of the Snake/Slide.

Option #2
(Suitable for)
(Heavy Drinkers)

Take the number of rows (or levels) that the Player ascends. Player then assigns this many drinks to other players – he can assign all to 1 player, or distribute at will.

The unlucky player takes 1 drink for each row (or level) that he descends. He also drinks according to any Drink Tokens on his landing square.

..In order to land at the last square, a player needs to roll the exact number. Excessive rolls result in backtracking – the player moves against the flow of the board.

..For example: Player 1 is at square 98. He needs to roll a 2 in order to win. Suppose he rolls a 5: he has to move a total of 5 squares. Therefore he moves his token 2 squares forward (99-100), then 3 squares back (99-98-97). He lands at square 97. In case square 97 contains any Drinking Tokens, he takes 1 drink for each token. At the end of his turn, he drops 1 Drink Token at square 97.

..The way this works out is that, as you get closer to square #100, you will do a LOT of drinking!

..At game's end, recall that the winner collects all the Drink Tokens from the board and distributes these at will to the other players. The other players get 1 drink per token.

Playing Drunken Snakes and Ladders with Just 1 Die:

First of all, an explanation: The reason why everybody should move at the same time is so there are no first and last players -- the first player would always have fewer Drink Tokens to contend with, and the last player will always have more to avoid.

If you only have 1 die for everybody, then we recommend the following alternatives:

..Make everybody roll in sequence. Somebody should write down their rolls. Then make everybody move at once.

..As you get more drunken during the game, this option might be better: everybody moves in sequence -- 1 at a time -- but they drop their drink tokens at the same time. This way, in each round, drink tokens are introduced all at the same time.

How to Play Strip Snakes and Ladders: Rules for Adult Stripping Board Game:

Simple Version:

..Anybody who slides down a snake has to remove 1 article of clothing.

..Anybody who climbs a ladder gets to recover 1 article of clothing. The game ends when somebody is stripped totally naked. Before then, anybody who reaches square 100 gets to just watch the rest of the game.

..This is Optional: the player who reaches square 100 gets to tell someone to remove 1 item of clothing.

Simpler (and faster) Version: Follow the rules above with the following exceptions:

..If somebody climbs a ladder: everybody else removes 1 item. (Note: the guy who climbs also gets to recover an item).

..If somebody slides down a snake: the guy who slides down removes 1 item.

..As an option: you can return 1 item to everybody else whenever somebody slides down. Note however that this little twist will make your games last longer.

Remember, we’ve provided a Free Printable Snakes and Ladders Board Game for your next party. You can output to any size you want, like A4 or letter sized paper. You can even print to multiples sheets and put them together to make a bigger game board.

Larger-than-Life Snakes and Ladders Board Game:

Now Comes the Fun Part: If you have a big space and want a larger than life experience, here’s an idea: bring our game board to a wide format printing service and tell them to output to a BIG canvass tarpaulin (we recommend 10feet x 10feet). You and your friends can then play the game bodily! You stand on your squares. You move up the ladders! You slide down the snakes!

Another way to do this is to use a Projector. You just need to rig your device to output a steady image on your play surface. Unfortunately, some limitations apply, such as: players who stand in the way of the projection will interfere with the image.

You can play larger-than-life Snakes & Ladders in the garden, in the parking lot, on a field, in the park, in the hallway.. anywhere you can find the space for your larger-then-life game board!

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Animated GIF FreeFind Free Printable Snakes and Ladders Game Board
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Free Printable Drinking-Games "Drink Tokens" in PDF Format.
(18 Red and 2 Blue Drink Tokens) Just download, print and play!

Free Printable Drinking-Games "Drink Tokens" in PDF Format.
(20 Red Drink Tokens) Just download, print and play!

Free Printable Drinking-Games "Drink Tokens" in PDF Format.
(20 Blue Drink Tokens) Just download, print and play!

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