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Drinking Games
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Drunken Reversi
Rules and Strategy

Reversi Board Game: an easy-to-learn game for 2 people that’s simple to set-up. You use a standard game board (8squares x 8squares) like the ones used for Chess and Checkers.

Let's Play Reversi

(Also marketed under the trade name Othello by Pressman)

Learn to Play in Seconds. Start Playing in Minutes. Then Booze it up and Strip Down before the hour is done. Game on!

The Reversi Board
Reversi Starting Position
Diagram Zero:
Placement of the playing pieces
at the start of game play.

How to Play Reversi as an Adult Party Game

First of all, here's where you can Read our Reversi Game Page for directions on how to play Reversi.

Read on below to find our Adult Party Game Rules for Reversi on How to Play Drunken Reversi: a Drinking Board Game; and Strip Reversi: an Adult Strip Board Game.


How to Play Drunken Reversi Board Game (a Drinking Board Game):

There’s a few ways you can play Reversi / Othello as a fun drinking game.

*For starters, you can set up your game board using shotglasses as your play pieces.

*For this purpose, we recommend using small disposable plastic cups such as those used for mouthwash or to hold jello shots. Each one of these hold 1.5oz to 3oz of drink.

*Don’t worry about the seemingly low quantities of booze involved. As you play, you will be drinking more and more, perhaps even more than you can handle!


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Reversi: A Diagram: Black player is set to flip multiple squares
Diagram #1:
To illustrate the flipping of
multiple pieces.
It is the black player's turn to move.

How to Play Drunken Reversi Board Game: (continued)

*For kicks, we recommend that you use 2 shades of beer – a pale beer and a dark lager – to take the place of your playing tokens.

*For each token that is “reversed”, the player it belongs to takes 1 drink to make way for the other guy.

*Make sure you have lots of beer. We recommend using pitchers with smooth flow so you don’t flood away the game board.

*If you don’t want to serve 2 different colors of beer, you can also use 2 different colors of drinking cups. When a drinking cup is “reversed”, the guy who owns it has to take it away and drink the contents.

*Now you might be thinking it’s too much booze…. Not to worry! You don’t have to fill the cups full to the brim, after all. You can pour just a sip or something like a finger’s depth in each cup.

..Note: This way is also best if you want to use hard liquor like gin, vodka, tequila. Light drinkers might do the same with beer, wine or wine coolers.

How to Play Drunken Reversi Board Game: (continued)

*In addition to the normal game conclusion, the game ends when somebody passes out or can no longer continue.

*You can have an end-game award where the loser drinks a number of drinks based on any number of things. We recommend any of the following possibilities:

..Loser drinks the total number of pieces that belongs to the winner. If you want, the winner can drink the loser’s pieces in turn.

..Loser drinks the difference: just compute how many pieces the winner has over the loser. The loser takes this many drinks.

* As an alternative to the above, you can have a slower-paced Reversi drinking game in this manner:

..Edge Squares are each worth 1 drink. Every time a player claims an Edge Square (any of the 24 squares along the edge of the board), the other guy drinks. Note that edge squares can still be “reversed”.

..Corner Squares are each worth 4 drinks. Note that corner squares cannot be “reversed”.


A Reminder about the Game of Reversi:

Recall that in a game of Reversi, squares change colors in each turn. Furthermore, the number of playing pieces on the board increase by 1 each round. Using the first set of rules above, you will be taking 1 drink every other round at the minimum. So we’d like to offer the following advice:

..Prepare your drinks well (make sure you have enough);

..Choose your drinks with foresight (match your liquor – light or hard drinks – to your players’ alcohol tolerance); and,

..Pace your drinking accordingly (watch how much liquor you pour in each cup).

Reversi: A Diagram: Black player has just flipped multiple squares and claimed an edge square
Diagram #2-A:
Black player has just claimed D1 by flipping D2, D3 and D4.
It is now the white player's turn to move.

Reversi: A Diagram: Black player has just flipped multiple squares. However, white player can now claim an edge square.
Diagram #2-B:
Black player has just claimed F6 by flipping D4 and E5.
It is now the white player's turn to move.

Reversi: A Diagram: Black player is set to flip multiple squares
Diagram #1:
To illustrate the flipping of
multiple pieces.
It is the black player's turn to move.

How to Play Strip Reversi Board Game (an Adult Strip Board Game):

Drunken Reversi is made more fun when you introduce elements of a Strip game. Read on to find our Strip Reversi Board Game Rules.

A Reminder: Visit here if you want to find our Reversi / Othello board game rules in detail.


Strip Reversi Board Game Rules:

*Note that the four corner squares are prized real estate. Whenever somebody claims a corner square, the other player removes 1 item.

*At game’s end, the loser removes an item of clothing.

*As an option, the player who captures a corner square can be given a choice to recover the last item he/she stripped off instead of making the other guy strip down.

*As an option, you can introduce a "Truth or Dare" component to the game. Whenever you capture an "edge" square, the other guy gets to do Truth or Dare.

..Note: it doesn't matter how many edge squares you capture, or reverse, during your turn. As long as you get 1 edge square during your turn, the other guy has to do Truth or Dare.

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Animated GIF FreeFree Printable Reversi Game Board
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This is an 8 x 8 grid board for use in playing Chess, or other suitable game such as Checkers, Reversi, and others.

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