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Drinking Game with Dice
Drunken Yahtzee!

Score Card and Rules

Yahtzee is a branded dice game that uses 5 dice and a special Yahtzee Score Card.

The game shares similar roots with traditional dice games Yacht, Generala, Poker Dice, and Balut.

Let's Play Yahtzee Dice Game! Classic Dice Game
Roll the dice,
record your rolls,
drink your fill and
win the game!


So even though may know the Yahtzee game, such as others like baccarat or craps, on his regular version like you can play here, it’s time to be familiar with new version and a lot more fun one. This version will make you drink your fill as you and your friends attempt to outdo each other with luck of the dice. Strong language encouraged while playing. Game On!


How to Play Yahtzee as an Adult Party Game:

As a dice game with simple rules, Yahtzee makes a great fun way to enjoy drinks and swap wisecracks with friends. All you need is 5 dice and a few Yahtzee Score Cards (like the Free Printable Yahtzee Score Cards that we have here).

For details about Yahtzee game rules, visit our page dedicated to Yahtzee Dice Game.


How to Set Up a Game of Drunken Yahtzee:

The Drinks: We recommend using regular sized drinking cups for this game (5-8oz of drink in each cup). Drink of choice would be beer, wine, or wine coolers.

Light drinkers can use smaller cups: we recommend disposable plastic cups such as those used for mouthwash.

If you prefer hard drinks such as rhum, vodka, tequila: try using the smaller disposable cups or some shot glasses shared by all.

Yahtzee Score Cards
Yahtzee Score Cards

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The Drinking Game: Each player is given 1 Yahtzee score card and a pen to record the outcome of his dice rolls.

A play order is decided (clockwise or counter-clockwise order) for the players.

Drinks are had by others whenever a player gets a favored result.


Yahtzee Reminder: About Yahtzee Score Cards:

Yahtzee score cards are composed of 13 categories separated in 2 groups: an upper section and a lower section. The distinction has to do with how the dice-rolls are scored:
* the upper section is scored by simply adding up the total number of pips (or spots) that appear on the dice
* the lower section earns a set amount of points depending on whether the categories are fulfilled (e.g., 3-of-a-kind, 4-of-a-kind, Full-House, etc.)

How to Score The Lower Section
of a Yahtzee Score Card:

Roll Score
3-of-a-Kind Add the total of all 5 Dice
4-of-a-Kind Add the total of all 5 Dice
Full House 25 Points
Small Straight 30 Points
Large Straight 40 Points
Yahtzee 50 Points
Chance Add the total of all 5 Dice

How to Play a Game of Drunken Yahtzee:

Each Player takes a turn to roll the dice. He follows the standard Yahtzee rules (which you can find in our page dedicated to Yahtzee Game Rules).

Drinks are had when Bonus Points are awarded for the following conditions:

Scoring at least 63 points in the Upper Section: In normal game rules, this earns the player 35 bonus points. What's more, for Drunken Yahtzee, everybody else takes 1 drink.

Bonus Yahtzee's are Rolled: Bonus Yahtzee's earn the player 100 bonus points. What's more, for Drunken Yahtzee, everybody else takes 2 drinks.

Note: The player also gets a plastic chip which is worth 2 drinks. At the end of the game, chips are assigned to another player who must take the drinks.

Note: It is either the winner or the chip's owner who assigns the chips. You decide at the start of the game.

Drinks During the Game:

Once a players makes a notation on his scorecard, everybody else can check if the player has scored himself correctly. The player can earn himself 2 drinks if:

* he writes down the score
* he writes down the wrong total


Drinks at the End of the Game:

Once a winner is decided, everybody else is required to take drinks. You can have a set number of drinks (1, 2, 3, or more) for this purpose. Or, you can set a guideline.

For example: 1 drink (or 2 drinks) for each 100 points that the winner has.

In addition, Bonus Yahtzee chips need to be assigned.

Note: If a lot of Bonus Yahtzee's are rolled during a game, this really brings up the drink total to high numbers.

Yahtzee Reminder: Conditions for Rolling a Bonus Yahtzee:

Because they are worth a lot of points, rolling even 1 Bonus Yahtzee can win you the game. This is true even if your opponent has better rolls when you look at the categories independently.

Here are the conditions that must be met so that your 5-of-a-Kind roll counts as a Bonus Yahtzee:

* You must have already rolled and recorded a Yahtzee in a previous turn

* The corresponding category in the upper section is already filled-up. Example: If you roll 5 "Fours", the category for "Fours" in the upper section must already be filled up. If "Fours" is vacant, then your roll does not count as a Bonus Yahtzee (worth 100 points), but rather, it figures into the "Fours" category and earns you only 20 points (5 x 4 = 20points).

How to Play Yahtzee as an Adult Strip Game:

You can play Strip Yahtzee in number of different ways. We've prepared rules below that you can apply individually (simplest) or aggregately, which would result in a more complicated set of rules. Read on below to find out more:

Rule 1: At the end of the game, all non-winners remove 1 article of clothing. (Note: Apply just this to have the simplest Strip Yahtzee game)

Rule 2: Whenever somebody rolls a yahtzee, he/she is allowed to reclaim the last item removed.

Rule 3: Rolling a Bonus Yahtzee earns the player a plastic chip which entitles the player to recover 1 item of clothing. The plastic chip can be held and used until later in the game.

Rule 4: In conjunction with Rule #3 above, you can give the plastic chip an alternate value: the player can assign it to another who must then remove 1 item of clothing.

How to Play Yahtzee: Game Rules and Score Card:

If you wish to review the basic game rules for playing Yahtzee Dice Game, you can follow this link to our dedicated Yahtzee Game Page.

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Free Animated GIFFree Printable Yahtzee Score Card:

Play Yahtzee Dice Game with our free printable Yahtzee-Style Score Cards. Game On!

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