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Card Drinking Game:
Uno Rules
& Strategy

Drinking Game Rules

Uno is perhaps the most popular commercial card game invented.

If you have a deck of Uno cards at home, give it an adult party game spin when you get a chance. You'll find the experience a little nostalgic. You'll also find it to be silly fun to attach grown-up consequences to this kiddy card game!

Learn How to Play Uno Card Game as a Drinking Game. Optional Strip Game Rules. At www.fun-free-party-games.com

UNO: The Card Game!


How to Play Uno Card Game as an Adult Party Game:

We recommend Uno Card Game as a Drinking Party Game or Adult Strip Game. The game's challenge system encourages loud gameplay. With the aid of alcohol, you can be sure your game of Adult Uno will be out of this world!


Follow this link if you want to review the basic Uno Card Game Rules. Read on to learn how to play Uno as a Drinking Game and Strip Game.

How to Play Uno Card Game as a Drinking Game:

There's two ways you can play UNO as a drinking game:

* With beer, wine, or wine coolers as your alcohol of choice.

* With hard liquor like gin, vodka, or tequila.

Whichever route you choose, we recommend that you use shotglass-sized disposable cups for best results. Try the ones that a typically used for mouthwash and fill to the brim with beer/wine/wine coolers. For hard drinks, pour as much as you think your players can handle.


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Uno Card Game Drinking Game: How Much to Drink, and When:

The idea is to take drinks whenever action cards are played. Check out this table:


Action Card

Who Drinks

Number of Drinks


Player who is skipped



Player who is skipped


Draw 2

Player who Draws 2


Wild Draw 4

Player who Draws 4


In addition, the following events also result in drinks:



Number of Drinks

Player forgets to announce UNO


Player plays wrong card


Player lays down a card then takes it back


Wild Draw 4 challenge: Challenger Wins

4 (to the loser)

Wild Draw 4 challenge: Challenger Loses

6 (to the loser)


At the end of each Hand, non-winners tally their remaining cards. For every 10 points that you hold, you take 1 drink.

How to Play Uno Card Game as an Adult Strip Game:

After each hand of Uno, everybody but the winner takes off 1 article of clothing.

You can deal less cards at the start if you want quicker games.

Optional: For even longer games, the winner in each hand is allowed to recover the last article of clothing he/she removed.

Remember: pairs of something count as just 1 article of clothing. A pair of socks is the perfect example.


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